Manifestations: The Joys & sometimes Pitfalls of the Process

By Dom  Cambell    EIC Nicole Mckenize 

By Dom  Cambell    EIC Nicole Mckenize 

As of late, I’ve been discovering the power of manifestations. I’m learning that God (the universe, whoever you higher source is  ) provides what we need. We must be open to receiving the gifts that we ask for and put in the work. I’ve come to manifest things I need for not only myself but for others in my life who might be directly impacted by me or the aura that I give.

I go to my manifestation book for everything. Even the smallest thing I ask for guidance to have. A lot of things I’ve been asking for haven’t really been tangible or of material importance. They’ve been for elevation for not only myself but for others who I see so much potential in so many areas. It’s joyful to be able to get the desires of your heart. Basically, you get to watch the universe slowly open their arms for you.

A pitfall of manifestation can be when you over abundantly manifest. On a creative spirit like myself, overabundance of manifestation literally drains the energy out of your body. At one point a few months ago, the universe began to unfurl so many blessings on me at one time. I was manifesting little things like peace, stillness, etc. and it was coming to fruition. It was very exhausting. I couldn’t really complain because I was getting what I needed. I would write the things I needed down, say a few words of thankfulness, and be done. By the end of a week everything would be taking place and I would be too tired to really enjoy and absorb the blessing.

Recently, I’ve discovered to take one day, specifically a Sunday to mediate and quiet my mind. After going through that process, I begin to manifest things I need for the week in my private space. I say my words of thanks to the universe. I’ve learned to slow down and absorb everything.

Peace, Love, & Light