by: Dom Camp   EIC Nicole Mckenzie 
 by: Dom Camp   EIC Nicole Mckenzie 

Have you ever saw something right before a pivotal moment happened in your life? You kept seeing it leading up to the event? If that has happened to you, you’re totally normal. Signs are ways that the spirit world speak to us about events that are about to happen or have happened to us. The signs can be in various forms. The sign can be an animal, a color, or maybe even a destination.

A perfect example of signs. I recently made a transition from Mississippi to New Orleans. I had always loved the city. Every time I’ve ever visited, I’ve felt loved and warm by its culture and its people. After months of prayer and deliberation, I decided to take the steps to make the move happen. In February, I knew I wanted to move and It was definite. Nothing could change my mind. I set up interviews at different schools around the city. I knew that at my job I had at the time a three-day weekend coming up in March. I never took days off from my old job to do work on things concerning the move.

I had five interviews on St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans. Days leading up to the business trip, I saw signs. My signs that the spirit world were showing me were Louisiana tags, various commercials about visiting Louisiana. The clearest sign I had that Louisiana, specifically New Orleans was the place where my soul could be at peace and thrive was probably the Jeep Compass commercial. In the commercial, the couple are supposed to be going on a trip. In typical fashion, the GPS gives them wrong directions. The wrong directions symbolize how sometimes we plan something, it doesn’t go like it’s supposed to but you have to go with flow and be content.

After the couple end up off base on their destination, the GPS tells them “recalculating…. You are 287 miles away from jazz music, beignets, and etoufee.” It was then I knew where I was going to spend the rest of my days living in every moment, basking in the bayou breeze, and having new experiences with the people of the region that I would grow to love and cherish.

We proceeded down to New Orleans with hope in our hearts. I knew I would get my job situation secured. The spirit world has already sent their love, warmth, and protection before us.

I got the first job I interviewed for. On the spot.

Fast forward to June & July. I moved here with a job secured. Had a great first week. Made new friend. The affirmation from the spirit world that I had made the right decision to move here was how my coworkers welcomed me, embraced me, and flat out loved on me. They were patient with me. My spirit guides truly guided me in the right place. I am so grateful that I opened myself up to receive every sign that was sent to me. I feel like my life has come full circle.


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