What Does the Angel Number 3 Mean?

This week, a number came to me. On Thursday, November the 1st of this year, I will be 33 years old. I often wonder what another 365 days around the sun entails for me. Every year it’s something completely different than the last.

Since I will be 33 in 3 days, I did a little digging into what the number means & possibly what this next year of life holds for me.

I know from Catechism & the bible that 3 is the number of the trinity. I wanted to go beyond that to explain this number that has been coming to me the last two weeks.

The angel number 3 is loosely associated with the sectors of communication & feelings of self-expression.

I’m taking the number 3 as a sign from my guardian angels that they’ve heard all of my prayers & manifestations. I need to continue to have faith in the universe/the divine/God that all of those dreams will manifest themselves in my life.

The number 3 also means that I need to trust in my gifts that the divine has given me. I should trust that my angels are continuously watching over me & that I should not be swayed from the path that I’m on because of a few bad things that have happened in this life.

I also discovered that the number 3 means to live life with joy! Communicate more with loved ones, be more sociable, & have self-confidence to ask for the things I need.

As I move into my 33rd birthday in a couple of days, I’ll take these cues from the universe to believe that I’m always being protected & to continue to keep living my best life.

Alexa, play Cardi B feat. Chance the Rapper “Best Life”

As Always,

Peace, Love, & Protection


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