Patience is a Virture

Have you ever worked so hard & knew that the hard work was going to pay off in a major way but you just had to be patient & keep working.

Currently, I’m at the stage of continuing to work knowing that all the personal projects & school work I’ve been doing is going to pay off really soon. I feel it in my spirit constantly & I have to pray & meditate on the fact that the universe is going to make all of my wildest dreams come true but I have to remain patient.

I also have to remind myself that the things that are awaiting me, will be given to me when the time is right. I’m human, I get impatient. I’m impatient when I’m given a vision of something or when I know that something is going to turn out wonderful. I have to remember what I learned in church as a child, PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!

God will bless you with the desires of your heart, not in your timing, but in his. Trust it.

As Always,

Peace, Love, & an abundance of Patience


Dominique DonicaComment