A Season of Thankfulness

As we move into the holidays, let us relish in the times with share with our loved ones. Let us move into a season of thankfulness.

Be Thankful for the people that will continue to be in your atmosphere no matter what.

Be Thankful for the people who have entered your world as of late. There’s always a reason for the entrance & exit of all situations & people.

Be Thankful for the people who are no longer with you. For everything & person has a season. Don’t be sad for their departure from your life. You are moving into a season of abundance & ascension, where you’re going, everybody cannot go with you.

Be Thankful for the experiences that you’ve had no only this year but in years past. Be reflective & take stock of those experiences & how they’ve gotten you to where you are at this very moment. Be present.

Be Thankful for the journey you’re on. Everybody’s journey is not the same. Yours is unique. It was tailored for you, no one else.


Be Thankful for the little things. The ability to have breath in your body. The sunshine through the window. The nourishment to your body from whatever food you were able to partake in. The moments of love & laughter with people that care about you.

‘…….in all things, Be Thankful….”

As always,

Peace, Love, & Thankfulness,


Dominique DonicaComment