Everybody Cannot Go with You!

Have you ever realized that you’re elevating? Not just elevating in the physical realm in your career & life in general but elevating in a spiritual realm. Moving into a higher consciousness & new blessing doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll be comfortable. Your success may be coming. You literally are sitting on the threshold of greatness, you want to share it with everyone around you. Hold it…Slow your roll on sharing it.  A question you may have in this new elevation is “Who all gonna be there?” I know if I’m going somewhere & I’m not sure about it, that’s the first thing I ask.

Everyone that’s in your world now, may not be happy for you in your elevation of various areas. Be Leary of those kinds. For…..Everybody Cannot Go with You!

Wherever you’re going or about to go, Everyone Cannot Go with You! You cannot take some people with you because sometimes, they might pull you back down to somewhere undesirable. You have to elevate but be humble. God gives us many blessings & opportunities, but we have to be gracious when accepting them. They can easily be taken away from us. Everybody doesn’t deserve to be in your atmosphere. They don’t deserve for you to carry them into greatness with you. They may not appreciate it like you because your worked hard for your manifestation, your blessing. Keep your eyes & ears open.

When God is taking your somewhere, always remember that Everyone Cannot Go with You!

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