How Mardi Gras Renewed My Spirit

I live in New Orleans, Louisiana where Mardi Gras (Carnival Season) is bigger than Christmas. It's an amazing celebration of life & a chance at starting over for some. Of course I've been to Mardi Gras a tourist before but there is nothing like the experience when you live here. I experienced the love, togetherness of good people & delightful energies! The atmosphere for Mardi Gras beautiful & electric. I had an amazing time gallivanting around town with friends to different parades & celebrations.

Fat Tuesday is the ending of the celebration, Ash Wednesday follows. I felt like I got to do all that I wanted in my first celebration living in the city. Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday this year just happened to fall at the same time there was a new moon. I know when a new moon comes to take some time to set my intentions & goals for this next phase. 

It's funny, the renewed feeling I get when a new moon comes. I feel refreshed, like I have more time to accomplish & learn new things about myself & others. 

This new moon at Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday symbolized me pushing the reset button & being blessed with opportunity to work on things, end some things that should have been ended but didn't, & for new things to bloom. 

History Lesson: The Zulu Krewe was an all black social aid club started in the old days for the people of color in the community who needed help burying a loved one or just help in general. As tradition they have their own parade on Fat Tuesday with floats, beads, & coconuts that they throw to the people. Later on, the Zulu Parade has now become one of the biggest parades during the Mardi Gras Season.

I spent most Fat Tuesday at the Zulu Parade with friends catching beads & having a good time. I got to see the legendary Spike Lee & some of my favorite players from my favorite NFL team, the New Orleans Saints! I was so excited & in a daze!

When I finally made it home, I prepared myself in every aspect for Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of the Lenten Season before Easter. I went outside & looked at the moon & immediately felt it's energy. I went in my space, got my journal and pen & sat in the floor. I wrote whatever I felt needed to be accomplished for me not only in the new moon phase but in the Lenten Season. I wrote some self-care things I need to be renewed. I wrote spiritual intentions. The last thing I remember I wrote was what I was giving up for Lent & boy did I pick a heavy one! I've been tempted so much since I gave it up. 

As I ended my "power hour" as I like to call my manifestation time, I meditated & asked the Universe/God for whatever I needed. Renewal was something I asked. Renewal comes in various forms. I felt fresh & ready to take on all the things this new season was bringing my way. I still feel refreshed & rested even on days I feel like I work my butt off on projects for work & grad school.

This is all for now. Be renewed. Be refreshed. Love immensely & deeply