Back on Track: A Journey, A Series Pt. 1

At some point, you go through life thinking you're prepared or been adequately prepared for whatever happens. It wasn't for my faith in the supernatural powers of God (the universe), I probably would have ended it all years ago when I thought things were really hard. 

I decided to do some major self-care to guard myself from any trickery that evil spirits may try to bring my way. I started meditating, lighting different incense smells, and smudging up a storm. Every new moon phase we've had I purged things & people who were no conducive to my growth as not only a human being but my growth as a spiritual being. I started to be more mindful of my interactions with others and with myself. I decided that I wouldn't put myself in situations that wouldn't serve me in any way possible. Things that could possibly damage what I'm building. I began to busy myself with my hearts desires. I stopped putting off projects, activities, and people who would be conducive to not just my physical well being but spiritually.

In essence this last cycle was about "Reclaiming my time". Sure, I got off track because of life, who doesn't. After visiting my therapist and making meditation more of a priority in my life, I got back on track.. I decided to take time to do things that make my heart happy. Things I was passionate about.

I'll admit, I got so caught up in the daily existence of life and forgot all of the magic, meditation, manifestation, and prayer that got me to my dream place. I was bound again and almost stripped of my magic and creativity. I got back into my various projects I had stopped working on. I decided not to let an idle mind or the idle vibes win. I reclaimed my time! Word to Auntie Maxine Waters!

As always, guard your heart, your spirit & RECLAIM YOUR TIME!


Peace, Love, & Blessings,