Back on Track: A Journey: Part 2

Today, I meditated this morning before work and took sometime to write down my intentions for the day. Part of getting back on track was going back to what kept the disappointments & depression at bay a couple of years ago. Going into my prayer/manifestation journal and some positive music on. I lit a bit of sage to clear the energies that were giving me anxiety about the day to begin with.

I wrote down every intention that was on my heart, freely and purely. I shouted it to the universe in a prayer and meditated on the quiet & stillness. I've figured out that sometimes, its okay to sit down & be quiet. Doing that gave me a better start heading out the door. That day went smoothly actually. I came home not so tired & worn down per usual. I went to yoga that night at 6. I meditated again, lit an incense & played some soft music to prepare myself for the flow of class.

I took the scenic route & rode my bike to class that night. It was beautiful just to ride, look at the sunset, & feel the breeze in my locs & on my skin. Do y'all really realize how dope nature is?? How good God is?? Can you even grasp the depth & dopeness of that? To do something as simple as see the sun set.

That gave me some added refreshing & a renewal. Looking at the sun set that evening gave me hope to keep going. God has me. 

In the alone time I've managed to make as of late, I've been able to refocus on the joys & magic of life & how the universe always makes amazing things happen for us. I've been able to be renewed by the fact of how magical & resilient I am.

Peace, Love, & Renewal