Back on Track: A Journey, Part 3

Recently, I went on vacation to Miami Beach. Vacations are needed immensely. A lot of times, we get so caught up in life & trying to keep ourselves afloat. We never really take time to enjoy simple things like the sound of the ocean, the animals of the sea, the sun, & different cultures of where we are. I struggled with on vacation all the way up until literally the day before getting on the plane. I thought about the financial side, the weather, & most important the energy. If everybody that's going would vibe together & the beach would be harmonious in bringing us together. God knew I needed that vacation in the worse way. I had worked so hard to get to that point.

So my friends & I decided to embark on this trip back in November of last year. Not really knowing what to expect. All I was looking forward to was the good energy, the warm sun, and the ocean. Most people tend not to take a look at things with spiritual eyes or the spiritual benefits of nature seriously. They take it for granted.

On this vacation I made a personal vow to myself before I left New Orleans to truly enjoy it in every way possible. Just to enjoy the freedom I had away from any adult responsibility or commitment.

We came to Miami from Fort Lauderdale. It rained for a bit but it cleared up right before the first night's activities commenced. We made a plan to go to the beach early, while the sun was out to bask in its light & the ocean's tides. By the time we left the condo, the rain had started literally as we were getting in the Uber. It was kind of miserable in the beginning because it seemed as if it wouldn't stop. While walking down South Beach toward Collins ave & 5th street (I think), I told my friend to take a boomerang of me. She had no idea why I wanted to do it in the pouring rain. I danced in my poncho covering up my swimsuit & shorts. I just danced in the rain & she videoed it. It may have seemed silly to her or even the security guard in front of the Chase bank, but it was fun, I felt like a kid, it was freeing & healing for me. It kind of was like a metaphor for life of sorts. 

Even when it's raining, you gotta dance in it anyway.

Peace, Love, & Rain Dancing,