Spiritual Healing Through Yoga Practice

When I began practicing yoga three years ago, I had no idea how it would not only improve my physical & emotional health but my spiritual health. I really had no idea that it would be instrumental in my healing going forward.

I started practicing in the winter of 2015 in the beginner class at the local YMCA in my area. I hadn't done any yoga before but was interested enough to try it and research what I was about to get myself into.

I had no idea about the meanings of the chakras, aura healing, or where the poses originated from or what they meant in their entirety. I still feel warm and fuzzy, like it's new to me with every class. To breathe and give new life to something.

I had trouble at first only because I didn't seem that flexible and my mind wasn't truly focused on that moment. Once I began to study the origins of yoga and most of the basic poses it became something more to me.

By the time the new year had rolled around, I was deeper in my practice, slowly. I had also started a new relationship. I started going to chakra workshops to learn. Going to those workshops really helped a lot when it came to finding my spiritual self more and becoming more aware of areas of my chakras that were untouched.

I credit practicing the spirituality of yoga when it came to healing after  broken relationship or a friendship with someone. It also helped with anxiety and depression to an extent. I also credit my teachers, both present and past for their love and patience in teaching me to bring deeper awareness and meaning to my practice. They all have helped me give a deeper understanding of how healing a weakened spirit works and how the chakras play a role in that. I encourage you to try it and see if it doesn't make you feel better.

As always,

Peace, Love, & Namaste