Deep Diving Into Chakra Healing

After speaking to a close friend who was deeper in her spiritual walk than I, she could sense that I was detached from my crown chakra, she was right. Every worry, every internal battle I was fighting at the time seems to take over me. It took over so much so that my body began to physically manifest what was inside. My skin got a nasty infection at the ankles,I could barely walk  for they were swollen. I knew that once I felt halfway decent, I needed to do a chakra healing. I did know that I couldn't do it at home, I had to do it outside.

I rode my bike 5.2 miles to the river. I packed up some things I would need. I took 15 minutes just to breathe in the air from the river. I took my shoes off to feel the ground.

Before I got started in meditation, I wrote down intentions for not only myself but for others in my life. I began breathing deeply through my nose and lungs and exhaling through my mouth. I named the intentions out loud. When I was done, I began my healing ritual.

In the middle of a healing ritual, you don't always feel the intensity of the healing power. In fact, sometimes it can be a tad bit uncomfortable. 

In deep chakra healing, you have to do what's best for you. Start light and let the energy guide you to a higher plane.

As always,

Peace, Love, & Light,