Connecting With Your Third Eye


I recently had an experience during my chakra healing ritual I performed while sitting by the river. I began a ritual of unblocking the view of my third eye. I felt it had been obstructed for at least a few weeks. I felt like I could only see with the my natural eyes.

I took 5 deep breaths in through my nose & gently massaged the space between my eye brows. A bright light appeared to me as if I had vibrated to another plane. A sense of stillness & calm came over me instantly.

It really blew my mind as to the calming power & immense energy I felt. I had to talk a break & collect myself. It was then a warm wave rushed over me. Every question I had over the last week where I questioned God/the Universe/the Divine was answered & I heard, as plan as day as if the celestial body was there sitting with me & talking to me.

It was almost like an outer body experience. I felt lifted in a sense. Lifted to another atmosphere, another realm. I basically describe it as reaching or being suspended in a higher conscience.

Ever sense I did that healing, I've been able to succeed in ventures or potential opportunities. I've had more confidence as a result. Confidence & surety in my decisions. It has definitely been some elevation to another level.

As Always,

Peace, Love, & Elevation,