The Science Behind Energy Exchanges


People sometimes don't believe when you say "I don't want your bad mojo on me.."---Its is now scientifically proven that energy exchanges can happen between humans. 

In my personal experiences that loving energy equal a higher the frequency aka positive energy. Essentially, the happier the person, the energy reflects it & the frequency is higher. While the darker energies come from a lower frequency.

Human exchange energies in there main ways---the mind, the body, & soul---the trinity in essence. 

We transfer energy to others through thought (mind), physical/intimate contact (body) & lastly, through our spiritual centers or chakra (spirit).

Even after energy is exchanged it doesn't fade or go away, it just combines and redefines itself. It also influences you as you move about through life. Your core energy is always imposed upon on a daily basis because the most common energy exchange between people is core to core (mind) transfer.

As always, when it comes to your energy & your core you must protect your core & your chakra system.

As Always,

Peace, Love, & Bountiful Amounts of positive Energy

Dominique DonicaComment