What is Mercury Retrograde & Why is it Feared?

As 2018 has been rolling on, we've had so many eclipses & retrogrades. The most annoying & feared one is Mercury Retrograde or as my sister calls it "Mercury Gatorade" LOL!

Mercury Retrograde is when the planet, Mercury moves in the opposite direction of the planet Earth. For this reason, Mercury retrograde gets blamed for miscommunication, missed flights, technology mishaps, mechanical issues with your car, or just an all around awful day.

Most spiritualist & Astrologist believe that should take care of yourself during this time. Don't buy any new electronics or a new car, double check flight times, don't do any business deals, or don't deal with any relationship-defining conversation. It's also best to hold off on any life altering decisions.

Here are some tips to make it through Mercury Retrograde:

  1. Breathe. It'll be over soon.
  2. Slow down. Take your time.
  3. Tie up loose ends on things that require revision or a reevaluation 
  4. Take time to retrace your steps from a past situation, what can be different if you face this situation again?
  5. Lastly, Observe, reflect, & let it all go.

Mercury goes into retrograde three times a year for about three weeks at a time.

The next retrogrades for 2018 will be July 26th-August 18 & November 16th-December 6th.

For 2019 the dates are March 5th-28th, July 7th-31st, & October 31st-November 20th.

As Always,

Peace, Love, & Harmony

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