A Spiritual Awakening: The 7 Stages


Often times we change in our lives. Growth & evolving is necessary. There's no point in staying stagnant. When you realize you're in a stage of a spiritual awakening. Here are the seven stages of a spiritual awakening:

1. A Thought Provoking Event Has Happened.

          You could have a near death experience or experienced the birth of a child. It could be an experience of watching someone you love wither away in death with a disease. It makes you think deeper concerning the meaning of life & your purpose on this Earth.

2. The Perception Shift.

The more you evaluate & take stock of your life, your priorities, & the things you're passionate about, you begin to question the status quo, everything you've ever been taught, & everybody around you. You look back at the past decisions you've made that lead you to this point of where you are now. During this stage, you're likely experiencing some discomfort while you're growing. Remember this, nobody ever tells you amount the mourning that occurs while you're growing.

3. The Beginning of A Massive Journey

At this point of your awakening you start to research all of the aspects of spirituality & start making the first steps toward your enlightenment.

4. Hearing The Call

When you get to this point in your spiritual journey, you are truly in tune with any spiritual guides that the universe sends to you. You're able to hear exactly what your purpose is in this life. Also, during this process there's a sense of self-discovery in which you begin to learn a great deal about yourself, in which that equates to your future growth down the road.

5. Developing Your Spiritual Abilities

By this point in your awakening, you will feel a very strong connection to the universe and your are participating in meditation, yoga, & other activities that are similar on a regular basis.

6. Mastering Your Spiritual Gifts

During this phase you will begin to connection to the spiritual world. You are able to gain knowledge that will help you in the physical realm & help you better your life.

7. Integrating Your Spiritual Gifts Into Reality

Here comes the part of your journey where you take all that you've learned & apply it to your daily life & choose to make better life choices. You will experience a new radical & open minded approach to almost everything that you do in the rest for the rest of your life.

As always,

Peace, Love, & Being Woke AF



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