Full moon in aries tonight - Harvest moon filled with promise


If the full moon tends to be an emotionally challenging time for you, you're not alone. For as gorgeous as the cosmic effect may be, even I often feel apprehensive toward an upcoming full moon. To put it bluntly, this fear comes from the fact that, astrologically speaking, full moons have the power to turn your world upside-down. If the lunar cycle was an ocean wave, the full moon would be the moment that wave crashes onto the shore. It's beautiful, but it's also a mess. If you're already feeling a sense of foreboding, then the full moon in Aries 2018 is proof that your intuition is spot on.

For one thing, full moons always blow through your idea of reality and show you a new perspective; one that might not feel so comfortable. Because they always occur in the opposite zodiac sign of whatever sign the sun is currently in, they reveal what's been lurking beneath the surface. Turning over rocks to find out what creatures have been living in its shadows, the full moon makes it especially difficult to avoid facing the gritty truth. Since the upcoming Aries full moon on September 24, 2018 will receive complex and conflicting energy from other planets, this one has the potential to really put you through the wringer.

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