What Spiritual Thing That happened at On The Run 2 Tour

I recently attended the OTR 2 tour of Jay-Z & Beyonce. I had never seen her perform. I was so excited.

I had my outfit picked out for at least a week before the concert. My boyfriend & I had good seats for the show. We had even discussed some time management for that day of the concert.

The concert starts. She & Jay-Z walk out on stage hand in hand. I couldn’t contain myself. I felt like a kid at christmas. I had waited six months for this show.

As I sang & rapped my heart out to every song until the point of losing my voice, I felt this amazing energy radiate from her as she turned in our direction to sing. It was almost as if she was glowing. I probably would have passed out (laughs).

Being there in the atmosphere renewed my dreams of sorts. If you haven’t been to a show yet, you still have a chance to see them in San Diego, Santa Clara, Vancouver, & the last show is in Seattle. Check out https://www.beyonce.com/tour/otr-ii/dates/ for more info on this amazing experience!

As Always,

An Abundance of Peace, Love, & Light

“….I think small, y’all think biggie…’


Dominique DonicaComment