How Honesty And Patience Can Heal

As many of my readers may know, I recently got into a new relationship after not being in one for about year. I took sometime to work on myself & flaws that were unappealing. There was some things I was practicing that weren’t of my spirit & my character concerning a relationship with myself or others.

I recently got back out there & started dating. I met this amazing man right before the labor day holiday. I felt like I was ready for what road the interactions would lead to. I felt like with therapy, self-care, deepening my practice with yoga, & praying more, I could handle possible adversity with relationships in a positive way & not be destroyed or bitter.

We had honest & meaningful conversations before we ever went on a date. I appreciated that because sometimes we as a society are so impatient & want things hot & ready, sometimes you gotta slow down. We talked & texted for a while. We finally agreed to meet. As a person who feels & can read people’s energy upon meeting them, I can tell if I want you in my life off tops before you even say anything. Our first date was an ice cream date, because hey, I love ice cream. we talked more & we connected.

Little did I know that that was just the beginning of something beautiful. Being someone who is peaceful, non-confrontational, & honest can show you that positivity & positive relationships are possible. Just from being around a person can help restore your faith in love & humanity when you think that it’s gone to shits. He helped me believe in infinite possibilities in life. He challenged me to be more patient, loving, & kind in all situations. I was doing it before but not to this level. He encourages me to put my best foot forward to my teaching, my writing, & in school. He even fussed over the phone this morning as I was sick in bed this morning with a sinus infection about putting my best foot forward, even though I took a sick day, there’s still work to do, be about my business with my academics & with my writing.

Everything, & I do mean everything falls into place when it’s supposed to. Trust that the universe is listening & waiting to guide you.

As Always,

Peace, Love, & Patience,


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