Remaining Anchored During A Storm

As a storm is approaching the city that I love & where I have my being, I had a tad bit of anxiety. I prepared for the storm by making a list of things I would need from the store that would keep me safe in all of the possible scenarios that might arise during Tropical Storm Gordon making landfall & then being categorized as a hurricane.

The next morning my friend & I decided to go for a run at Lake Pontchartain. The sun was a lot, a few clouds remained but none of them were dark, storm clouds. As we rode in the car, I looked up in the sky. It was calm.

We made it to the lake, the light beamed on us. We picked our start time for our run. We watched the water. We could tell there was a storm surge because the water was really high, higher than it was the other night while we were walking out there. 

We then walked the trail located on top of the levee bridges that separated the lakefront & the neighborhood on the other side. We found a flat slab of concrete to sit on that sloped down to the lake. We then meditated for a few minutes. We inhaled the saltwater deeply. We did some yoga & took some deep breaths. 

We were both renewed & were anchored in the fact that we were going to be okay, even with a storm coming our way. We affirmed that we had everything we need to make it thought whatever Gordon decided to bring our way. My anxiety was gone completely & my breathing returned to normal.

As Always,

Peace, Love, & Anchor Down,


Dominique DonicaComment