#Spirituality — Oracle Card of the Day for Monday April 15, 2019: Mary Magdalene – unconditional love.


This card reminds us to be conscious of the ways we (unconsciously and consciously) judge others. And if there were ever a human subjected to unfair judgment it’d be the woman pictured on this card. Notice today where you are labelling others or looking for ways to come out as superior to them. Judgements often stem from a desire to feel safe in the world by holding onto a rigid set of rules or behaviours. For example, people who criticise other people’s appearance are often insecure about their own appearance. Remember that you aren’t in charge of anyone else’s belief systems or codes of conduct – only your own. And no one is better than anyone else. Try to cut people a little slack and remember the words of Amy Poehler: “Good for her, not for me.” Everyone is fighting battles we have no idea about.

Have a wonderful day xx 🙏

madison jayeComment