The Thirteen Veils Of The Goddess (Aspects of Divine Energy Power)



There has been a change – a Cosmic change.  Subtle, quiet – unannounced. There has been a ‘transition’ from one ‘Order’ to another.  This ‘transition’ is now complete. 


As the old Order ‘falls’ so will arise the new.  So completely different is its manifestation, that there be only a few who have come to realise what has taken place – what has happened. 


Here we shall consider – by sketching lightly certain aspects of the change and even still - although lightly sketched, we shall - importantly reveal to those who would seek to prosper and ride with the times – how this power can be ‘understood’ and ‘harnessed.’  For the rules have been changed.


We are therefore presenting here in this little work – certain aspects of that change, entitled ‘The Thirteen Veils Of The Goddess (Aspects Of Divine Feminine Energy Power.)’



An aspect of this power is both the ‘gift’ of power and the ‘acceptance’ of responsibility, it therefore follows that 'self help' is not the exception but the rule, ‘Self Mastery’ - not extraordinary but the accepted ‘norm.’  ‘Self Healing’ not a ‘miracle’ - but a ‘necessity.‘ 


Thus, the ‘five elements’ are there for ‘Rejuvenation’ and ‘Life’ – with the 'gift' of the power to heal, the patient will take the ‘responsibility’ and ‘heal’ her/himself. 


These 'five elements' are - ‘Earth,’ ‘Water,’ ‘Fire,’ ‘Air,’ ‘Life Force’ (the Feminine Power Principle.) 


With the understanding of the five rejuvenating elements – which shall heal, one has the basis – the basic elements – the tools upon which can be built the ‘Sovereignly Integrated Being In Life’ (SIBIL.)



The ‘three states’ describe the ‘entirety of Being’ of the Individual Self.  With an understanding of these ‘three states’ – will come the ‘manifestation’ – the ‘control and harnessing’ of that ‘vital power’ – which the ‘Individual Self’ shall take and not just heal the body, but do much much more. 


These are the 'mind,' the 'emotion,' the 'physical body' – the thoughts and ideas of the mind – the power and turbulence of emotion (heart) and the powerful ‘Electro-magnetic Field’ of the physical body – the shield against sickness – and all else, which would seek to cause the ‘Individual Self’ harm. 



The Divine Feminine power – is always there – but most move in ignorance of Her.  So through the 'three actions’ one can come to ‘know’ ‘feel’ and finally ‘understand’ – Her Presence and Power.  These are - 'Silence,' 'Stillness,' 'Solitude'



Finally and most importantly for behind these final 'two veils' are concealed the ‘essence’ of Her Presence and Power - the ‘two virtues.’  Just as she gives of herself unceasingly so shall she expect from those who would seek to wield Her Power in this Age.  These are - ‘Unconditional Love,‘ ‘Service To Others.’



These 'thirteen veils' shall be discussed and explored and the reader them self will have to prove their worth – for such powers can only be assumed by the sincere of heart – since in the crumbling of the old there will be much destruction and it is Her Power which shall build ‘anew.’   

To be continued…

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