'Energy Blockage' & The Chakras

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At the heart of the human body's 'energy system,' is a system through which 'vital' 'Life Force' energy is communicated throughout the entire body. 

This system in Indian spirituality and yoga systems is commonly referred to as the 'chakra system.'

It should be remembered that our body contains a network of energy channels - for ease of understanding - one can consider this 'energy system' as starting at the top of the head and covering the entirety of the body down to the toes.


Most systems that accept and describe this 'energy system,' tend to focus on 7 main 'energy centres,' which run through the centre of the body.  These 7 'energy centres' are commonly known as the chakras within the Indian yogic system. 

The chakras 'mediate' between 'Primal Source' as 'Life Force' - and the 'individual physical body' in the 3rd dimensional plane.  Therefore, these chakras can be regarded as 'mediators' between whatever we regard as the 'absolute Existence' - and the individual on the 3rd dimensional plane - the human physical body. 

To put it another way we can say that these chakras / 'energy centres' channel 'Universal Consciousness' ('Life Force') into the individual human body on the 3rd dimensional plane. 

Therefore, it can be seen that the chakras play an extremely vital role in the 'physical,' 'mental,' 'emotional' and 'spiritual bodies' (also referred to as ‘subtle bodies’) which exist on the various planes. 


It is this 'energy system,' carrying as it does, 'vital' 'Life Force' - 'subtle energies' - that animate/energises the body.  We also know that we require food, air, water etc - to energise the body.

This 'vital' 'Life Force' that we are referring to however, should be seen as a 'Force,' which is distinct from the energy we commonly refer to when we speak of - for example, the energy value of food or the 'life giving' properties of the air. 

This 'Life Force' energy is sometimes referred to as 'chi,' 'prana,' 'mana' etc... - and is the driving 'energetic force' of the body. 

One could argue that ultimately everything contains this basic 'Life Force,' however, it is convenient to regard 'Life Force' - when speaking in this context as being distinct.  It helps us to understand the significance of this 'Life Force' energy if we do not clump it together with the 'energy' derived from food, water, air and other nutrients.

Another way to consider this essential 'Life Force' energy is to see it as a kind of 'nervous energy' - a 'bio electro-magnetic field' and so on... It must always be remembered that all we are doing is attempting to define this 'Life Force' by giving it a label - this process of 'labeling,' will never completely express what it is, that is actually being described.


The 'energy system,' in addition to 'sustaining life,' makes an individual 'healthy,' 'feel good' on both the 'physical,' 'emotional' and 'mental' levels.

Blockages in the flow of the energy, lead to 'emotional chaos'/ 'disturbance,' which can then manifests as a 'physical disease.'  Thus, it can be seen that the source of 'physical disease' - is the 'energy blockage.'

What is an energy blockage?

The 'vital' 'Life Force' / 'chi' / 'prana' / 'mana' etc - is required to flow freely throughout the entire physical body, without 'obstruction,' 'restriction' or other 'interference.' 

When this 'Life Force' energy is able to flow in this manner - each and every part of the physical body is able to receive this vital 'Life Force.' 

This 'Life Force' is 'subtle' - it is a 'higher dimensional essence' - and can be easily 'obstructed' and 'blocked' by both 'physical' and 'non-physical' agencies. 

An example of a 'physical blockage' would be the wearing of particular clothing, which for example - may be too tight.  If this tightness occurs at certain points of the 'energy system' and continues for a certain length of time, this can cause the 'Life Force' energy to slow and to be blocked in certain areas of the body. 

The individual may not even experience the 'tightness' of the item of clothing, having become familiar with its pressure on the skin.  However, at the higher dimensional level, at which 'Life Force' energy operates, this 'obstruction' and eventual 'blockage' would manifest. 

There are many other various instances of this and whist each small instance of a 'physical blockage,' such as that described above, may not be a cause for serious concern - if such blockages occurred throughout the body for example - and if the individual was experiencing a loss of 'vital' 'Life Force' energy through other agencies, then it could be of some impact. 

As we are often unable to feel these blockages physically - it is therefore wise to be aware of the potential of such instances - and to develop the habit of avoiding events that could lead to potential blockage.

At another dimensional level, blockages can occur because of emotional issues, such as stress and anxiety.  These 'emotional states' may cause 'physical restrictions' - such as tightening to certain parts of the body.  Again, 'vital' 'Life Force' energy can become blocked, if these unhealthy 'emotional states' are maintained.  This will then manifest as a physical disease or illness.

In the realm of the 'spiritual dimension,' 'Life Force' energy can be blocked when the 'subtle bodies' of an individual become weakened.  The subject of' ‘psychic attacks’ is pretty well known.  Such practices against an individual, could cause blockages of 'Life Force' energy.

Whilst one should always be aware of the potential for such blockages - one should not live in fear - a positive healthy attitude to life, embracing the philosophy of 'Unconditional Love' is a good overall 'cure' and 'means of resistance' to any potential 'Life Force' blockage. 

The essence of 'Life Force' energy is that of 'giving' and 'nurturing' - an attitude of mind - or way of life, which exhibits these qualities will mean that 'Life Force' energy will constantly 'resonate' with that individual - causing 'Life Force' energy to flow freely and appropriately throughout the physical body and 'subtle bodies.'


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