Embody: How To Connect With Your Divine Feminine Energy (1) The Relationship Within

By Yiye Zhang



The following is ‘Part 1’ of a 5-day series featuring the work of YiYe Zhang - this is a comprehensive guide to a fascinating and highly relevant spiritual subject.

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All things have their backs to the feminine and stand facing the masculine. When the masculine and feminine combine, all things achieve harmony.
— Dao De Jing

This article is by no mean gender specific. Society naively boxes some feminine attributes to being female. However, the divine femininity needs to have a place in every and each one of us for a more balanced and peaceful planet.

1. The Relationship Within


Several months ago, a very smart, sharp and successful business lady who suffered from insomnia came to me for an acupuncture session. We talked about her business, which she spent most of her waking hours on.

You could tell that she is deeply proud of her work – which is a blessing. But on the other hand, something somewhere in her reality was weighing her down.

I was curious, “How is your relationship with your business/work?”

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in my treatment room drastically changed. She became offended and annoyed, “How do you mean? Why do you ask?” she almost shouted, “How the hell is this relevant to my health?!”

To her, there are no relationships between the different aspects in her life. Her mind is her mind, her business is her business, and her body is her body – all strictly separated.

Except… her body no longer can cope with this notion of separation.

Various symptoms have developed: over-tiredness, irritation, tension, lacking sustainable energy; no matter how many supplements she has taken and diet changes she has tried, they are just not doing the trick.

Her being wants deeper nourishment and her feminine energy needs to be released.

Many of us have experienced this to a certain extent at some point in life: while on paper many achievements and successes make us appealing to the outside world (the relative Yang/Masculine aspect); on the way to getting there, we have exhausted our precious resources within (the relative Yin/Feminine aspect).


In the current patriarchal society, despite still having a long way to go, we are evolving towards a more equal culture. During this exciting transition, it is important that each of us in society, man or woman, becomes a more balanced and healthier being first – can you hear that our empowered femininity is calling?

When our feminine energy/Yin is blocked or suppressed, it leaves us feeling disconnected and empty inside, looking dull and tense outside;


We lose our sense of Self as well as authentic relationship with the outer world.


When our feminine energy is working in harmony with the masculine counterpart, we joyfully embrace ourselves and the world around us.


We are rejuvenated and replenished. We are able to flourish from exactly where we are.


We lead a more balanced life. We are truthful to who we are.

Yet so many of us are not sure how to get to this joyous state: “How do I elevate my feminine energy within?” You ask – and this burning question is not exclusive to women.

Over the past five years, while talking to clients and friends, from healers to scholars to artists to entrepreneurs, I have noticed that more and more men are intrigued or even invested in getting to know the other side of their energetic equation better and deeper.

Indeed, balancing one’s feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) energy within is essential for every human being.

Yang is creative, bright, protective and expressive, it reaches out to the sky. This is your external radiance.

While Yin, receptive, mysterious, resourceful, and intuitive, it roots back to the earth. This is your internal radiance.

Yin and Yang constantly interact with each other, like day chases the night, and night follows the day. This dynamic makes our Universe.


Contrary to the common misconceptions, that feminine (yin) is weak or masculine (yang) is evil/aggressive/controlling, both cases are symptoms that the energies have been misused or exploited; in fact, both yin and yang are essential and powerful in their own ways.

When we embody and integrate these two divine qualities, such wholeness is vibrant beyond measure.



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