Embody: How To Connect With Your Divine Feminine Energy (2) 'Become Body Wise'

By Yiye Zhang



The following, is 'Part 2' of a 5-part series - featuring the work of YiYe Zhang - this is a comprehensive guide to a fascinating and highly relevant spiritual subject.

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2. Become Body Wise


Yin and Yang depend on each other. Yang is the hollow, gorgeous, abstract light; Yin is the deep, beautiful, substantial shadow.

Yang is the direct connection with sacredness; while Yin translates this indescribable reverence into our material world, and she can manifest this process with such grace and lavish abundance.

Yang is the pure, formless spirit, and Yin gives such spirit forms. That means, our body is a relatively Yin aspect of our entire existence (Yes, the world’s strongest man’s body is the relative Yin part of his existence).

To raise our feminine energy, to look after our Yin, we cannot leave our body behind.

Our society has a big emphasis on IQ and EQ, but our body intelligence is just as important. Becoming body wise is sadly not something that you can learn in school, however, with genuine curiosity and daily commitment, you will be able to understand your body well, and what s/he tries to communicate.

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Your body is your kingdom with your uncharted waters, unclaimed land and rich heritage from its imprint and lineage.

Your body carries your past, envisions your future, while grounding you deeply to the present moment.

Your body hosts a home for your very essence to reside. No matter what size, portion, or shape you come with, learn to love and appreciate it deeper.

To be rooted in our feminine energy, to achieve a more balanced and truthful living, getting back into our body is absolutely fundamental.

Nowadays, with a full schedule, fast-paced living, all kinds of chaos and hecticness, many of us are too familiar with the feeling of burning the candle at both ends. We are constantly under pressure to achieve more, yet we become so good at ignoring our body’s messages, as if our body is a separate entity from the rest of us.

Even some master spiritual teachers in the West encourage this notion that our mind, body and spirit are different components, with our body at the bottom of the hierarchy. Such connotations might help certain people with their self-knowledge at a certain stage, however, if we go too far, this separation can become costly for our life.

Our soul is not distinct from our body.

Our body is not the cage of our mind.

Reclaiming the body you live in is to remember the forgotten part of your Self.


Take a honest reflection on the following questions:

Do you suffer from body shame?

Do you allow external influences such as harsh/ill comments or media’s distorted views to attack your body?

Do you provide sufficient nourishment to replenish every day?

When your body does not function the way you try hard to orchestrate, after the initial disappointment and frustration, do you feel that your body has betrayed you? Or do you offer the utmost respect and compassion towards your body and adjust your lifestyle accordingly?

Do you trust your body wisdom: your gut feeling, your heart’s calling, or do you brush away your pains and aches?

When you say “Yes”, is it always a full-body YES? And when your body pulls back, do you voice your NO without hesitation?

Our relationship with our body is experiential. We can read intelligent books and hear inspiring stories. But unless we are alert and responsive and establish a genuine understanding of our body, we are not sufficiently rooted.

Body empowerment can take years or even decades to development. And a true spiritual and feminine living is a dedicated journey of embodiment.

Embodiment requires openness and vulnerability, which asks us to be aware of our emotions.



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