Embody: How To Connect With Your Divine Feminine Energy (4) 'Stand In Your Soft Power'

By Yiye Zhang



The following, is 'Part 4' of a 5-part series - featuring the work of YiYe Zhang - this is a comprehensive guide to a fascinating and highly relevant spiritual subject.

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4. Stand In Your Soft Power

“The soft overcomes the hard.
The slow overcomes the fast.”
– Lao Zi

We were born in a Universe full of fascinating paradoxes, for example, being soft gives you more access to deeper impact and longevity. Our soft power is the secret ingredient of high femininity.

Feminine power is our humility, adaptability and curiosity. It opens us to a multi-dimensional and sensory world. It takes us long and far in life.


Feminine power, like the ocean, is healing and accepting. She stays low so that all streams and rivers flow to her like returning home.


Feminine power resides in silence, in the pause, held deeply in your essence.


Feminine power does not push, she attracts and invites. She draws in genuine interests. She is the magnet in you.

It is not always easy to appreciate such an inner-magnet, or even to recognise it to start with. The mainstream media’s definition of triumph is full of images and stories of aggressive persuasion and mindless expansion.

However, there are quieter and perhaps more meaningful and long-lasting success stories among the people.

Such as Pamela Warhurst and her project “Incredible Edible”, which transformed Todmodern, a little town in North West England, and contributed back to the wider society by gathering the community and growing food in the street!

There are plenty of people who have “made it” by being their authentic self and leaning back to their soft/feminine power.

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Feminine power pays us respect, provides us sustenance, and above all, it makes daily living more enjoyable.

In a world full of conflicts and anger currently, our soft/feminine power is more needed than ever.

Your feminine power is playful, sensual, and benevolent, you might have forgotten about it, but with the right intention and tools, you definitely have access to it - here is how.

Are you standing in your feminine power?

Do you appreciative these qualities: intuitive, compassionate, empathetic, collaborative? Do you utilise these qualities in your work and life? Or do you overlook or even dismiss them?

Do you want to share your gifts and talents with the world? What kind of difference would you like to contribute back to the world? Or are you holding back due to fear or some stubborn patterns?

Do you enjoy watching others succeed, and even want to lend a helpful hand? Or do you feel threatened in general?

Where there is disagreement, will you be able to breathe, tune in to your intuition and allow it to be your guidance? Or will you rush into a fighting mode by default?

How are you showing up to your day to day work? Are you clear with your intention, engaged with your action, savoring the process? Or are you on an autopilot, disinterested, disengaged?

What knowledge would you like to share with your community? How can you reshape your current relationships and shift from competition to more joyful collaboration?

Feminine/soft power not only make us reside calmly in our spot in the Universe, it also enhances and enriches more lives in the wider community, leading a healthier ecology.

Like Mama Earth, our Divine Feminine makes the world practical and real. She holds it all together: the male and the female, the high and the low, the expansion and the contraction, the seeking and returning.



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