Embody: How To Connect With Your Divine Feminine Energy (5) 'Return To Harmony: Uniting Divine Feminine & Masculine'

By Yiye Zhang



The following, is 'Part 5' of a 5-part series - featuring the work of YiYe Zhang - this is a comprehensive guide to a fascinating and highly relevant spiritual subject.


5. Return To Harmony: Uniting Divine Feminine and Masculine

The Divine Feminine – She is not just in women but all of us. She is invaluable and essential in both men and women, and all lives.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine have different qualities and feel, however they are never separated but complementary expressions of the Universal vitality when you are in a healthy and balanced state of being.

Growing up in China and being influenced by Taoist philosophy, my understanding is that the Yin/Yang concepts are not actually polarized.

In contrary to common belief, it is not about duality, i.e., the feminine against the masculine.

Rather, the Divine Feminine and Masculine are within each other.

One continues the other, one fulfills the other; no beginning, no ending, forever and ever.

That one cannot exist without the other.

Because Yin/Yang (Feminine/Masculine) cannot exist without each other, nothing is absolute with Yin and Yang – it is all relative. There is always some Yin (Feminine) within Yang (Masculine), and vice versa.

Yin can transform into Yang under certain conditions, for example, once the dark Winter passes, the Earth wakes up into Spring, followed by Summer. Likewise, Yang can transform into Yin too.

Just like the Yin/Yang relationship, connecting with our divine feminine energy is not a black and white matter, but a fine art.

Getting in touch with our divine feminine energy does not necessarily mean that we should automatically discount or decrease our masculine energy.

For instance, if your masculine energy is not strong enough to hold you safely, it is very difficult to express your feminine qualities such as living intuitively – you will be weighed down by your fears and anxiety.

In many cases, it could be that both your feminine and masculine energies are being compromised. Therefore, both your feminine and masculine selves need more attention and to be released. 

We are children of the Sacred, exploring on Earth.

Our softness, our emotions, our body wisdom are as important as our strength, stamina and spiritual pursuit.

We can and should radiate both internally and externally.

Let’s remember the divinity within us. Let’s shine like the midday sun and dream our dreams under the moon.



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My honour to have you here – thanks for reading my words – I appreciate your presence.


I believe that your sensitivity and softness are hugely underrated strengths.

I believe that your sensual playfulness and your wild creativity are essential. They should be celebrated and proudly embedded in your work and life, not ignored.

I believe that you can learn how to trust your Spirit, and become your own best Spirit Guide, instead of the worst enemy.

I believe that you do not have to suffer from unnecessary struggles as your path can graciously unfold for you.

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