Special Feature - Suvidya Gautam, Buddhist Teacher, India

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Buddhism is a religious / spiritual discipline which teaches the individual basic spiritual principles and practices.   It focuses on the ever present issue of 'human suffering.'  It does this through its principle mechanism of Meditation and Introspection - a practice which develops 'inner peace,' 'loving kindness' and 'Wisdom.' 

Suvidya Gautam - Buddhist Teacher, India

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Suvidya Gautam lives in India - many of his students are poor children - Suvidya teaches his students the principles of Buddhism.  He also teaches them English. 

His classes take place in his Dharma Center and also at home.  Suvidya would like to extend his work into Delhi - to expand his school - so that he can help more poor children learn English - and the 'life enhancing' teachings and principles contained in Buddhism.


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If you would like to get in contact with Suvidya - please email iguruteachingsystems@gmail.com.


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