Keys To New Paradigms In Spirituality: The Buddhist Key

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In this iGURU! Teaching Systems series - we feature inspiring Spiritual Teachers - who use as a 'key' to access higher spiritual knowledge, a fundamental religious tradition. 

iGURU!'s - Alan Watts Index is a part of this series - Alan Watts' work, rooted in Buddhism expresses in a wonderfully clear way the goal and purpose of all spiritual traditions, which is to seek greater 'Wisdom,' 'Knowledge,' 'Understanding' and 'Insight' - into human Existence and our relation to the Cosmos. 

Like other great teachers, Alan Watts considers 'Cosmic Law,'  'spiritual practices' and 'exercises' such as 'Meditation' and displays an 'open minded' interpretation of religious text.  In this case, it is the sacred teachings contained within the Buddhist tradition - which he opens up in a wonderfully simple, clear and practical way - presenting to the viewer, a valuable 'key' to 'Wisdom' and 'Understanding'  - a 'Buddhist Key.' 



iGURU!’s - Alan Watts Index

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