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Keys To New Paradigms In Spirituality

Consideration of almost any sacred text, contains a number of 'strange' / 'unusual phenomena,' 'occurrences' and 'events' - which often baffle readers, but which we often accept without seeking a clearer explanation - by simply calling the phenomena spiritual.  For example, the term 'Angels,' 'Demons,' 'Giants,' 'Monsters' - and many other types of unusual beings, appear scattered throughout most sacred literature.  Many of these occurrences - and individual actors involved, describe events and activities that apparently happened many many millennia ago.

There are several approaches to such phenomena and events.  The reader can interpret the event 'literally' or 'allegorically' or even assume that it is some kind of mythical event, which never actually occurred. 

The modern reader of such sacred scripture, now has another perspective by which to view these phenomena, occurrences and events.  

We are all familiar with modern technology and the amazing wonders that can be performed by such technologies.  We are therefore also able to speculate and have a more open mind about the nature of phenomena we read about in sacred scripture, because our own perspective of reality - has been broadened quite considerably by the advent of modern technology. 

We must also therefore be aware, that if we as humans are able to create such technologies, there is a possibility - and some would even say 'high probability' that other 'beings,' 'entities' or 'intelligences,' have similarly attained and perhaps even surpassed our own technological achievements. 

With this understanding and perspective, it is possible to look at such phenomena, occurrences and events - and such explanations of them as a 'key' - to further understanding, the nature of 'Cosmic Reality. '



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