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The causes of emotional stress are many, but in essence stress, can be regarded as being caused by 'emotional pressure'/'strain.' 

Whilst an individual's lifestyle is often a major contributor - an individual's 'social environment' - family and personal relationships, business/work and the myriad of events which occur in our social environment and over which we appear to have no control - are also significant contributors.  This should be remembered, since if we only focus on dealing with the symptoms of stress as it may appear in an individual, we may overlook the 'social environment' - the 'social context' which could be the cause of emotional stress.

What is stress for/what does it do?

Stress is the body's response to a situation requiring 'necessary' change by the individual stressed.  Thus, it performs a positive function in informing the individual to change a certain activity.  However, if the change is not made and the stress continues or develops it can damage the body's health.


Stress can be used in a positive way - to enhance individual performance - but what distinguishes that situation from the stress which is debilitating/causes damage, is that the individual feels a sense of 'control' over the situation. 

Self Empowerment

Stress can be regarded as a sense of feeling 'loss of control, over a situation, the individual is facing.'  Thus, techniques in 'self empowerment' are powerful ways to eliminate stress. 'Positive Thinking' techniques, 'Mantra's,' 'Affirmations,' 'Intentional Commands.' 


The antidote to stress is to relax - relaxation.  This can be difficult given the pressured lifestyles many of us lead - therefore it is important to regularly put aside time to actively engage in relaxation.  This will ensure that relaxation forms a part of your regular daily routine.

You can assist in this process by engaging in certain leisure activities you find relaxing/pleasurable.  You can also engage in a more formal way, for example engaging in practices generally recognized as assisting in relaxation; such as tai chi, yoga, meditation and a host of other practices which are fairly easily accessible. 

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress:

1. Deep Breathing Practices - assist an individual in controlling the sympathetic system - the body's 'fight' or 'flight' mechanism.  In other words an individuals ability to 'relax at will' - irrespective of 'events'/ whatever is happening and the 'social environment.'

2. Exercise - is a useful way to relieve stress.  It is a 'natural remedy' available to most of us. 

When we exercise, powerful 'endorphin' chemicals are released in the brain these act both as pain killers and as 'mood-enhancers' (the feeling good effect.)  A lack of exercise, or being 'exercise deficient,' is generally regarded as a significant causal factor in emotional stress, since inactivity may lead to a dysfunction in the body's metabolic and psychological processes. 

The body has a number of 'natural rhythmic cycles' (circadian rhythms)  - for example, waking/sleeping cycles, mood cycles, blood sugar levels.  Regular exercise reinforces these cycles.  Exercise can also assist with those who have sleeping problems which in itself can be a cause of stress. 

3. Music -  has been shown to assist alleviate stress, as it effects the body's psycho biological system by activating the body's parasympathetic nervous system.  Music can also have a positive impact on the body's hormonal balance and brain functioning.

4. Diet - It is important to maintain the body's supply of essential nutrients, such as healthy fats, vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, electrolytes - these assists the body's nervous and neurological system in coping with stressful situations and environments.

5. Massage - massaging is useful, as the physical manipulation of the body, invigorates the body.  The action of the masseur, also assists in removing 'energetic blockages,' which collect in the physical body and 'subtle bodies.'

6. Acupuncture - The use of acupuncture can be used to similarly clear 'energetic blockages' within the body's meridian system.  Acupuncture is increasingly being used to treat stress and psychiatric disorders.  Research has shown that acupuncture improves the body's cardiovascular and immune systems. 

7. Spending Time With Nature - We are 'biologically organic' beings - nature is a natural physical environment for us.  Unfortunately, most of us are compelled because of lifestyle choices i.e. work etc... to spend time in urban and other 'non natural environments.'  Therefore, spending time daily with nature is a powerful 'antidote' to dealing with stress.  Regular walks in a local park, field or by a river - simply looking at images of the countryside - and meditating thoughtfully (pleasant, positive thoughts) about the countryside - reading poetry or literature about the countryside - all of these mechanisms can easily transport the individual into these 'natural landscapes.'  These should all be regarded as real and positive ways of coping with stress.

8. Personal Relationships - It is often overlooked that we are social, communal beings operating 'on a number of different Trans-dimensional levels.'  Spirit - Body - Mind.  We are in essence, 'social' and 'communal' beings and we all seem to have an overriding desire - that is the desire, to 'Love' and be Loved.


To avoid stress, one should   - in a phrase which is often repeated but because of it's simplicity usually ignored - 'Smile - and be Happy.'

'Try - just try - to be HAPPY!'

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