Life Lessons From an OG

So recently I took a break from writing for a bit. I had a sudden death in the family. 

My aunt Erma, who we affectionally called Aunt Lee was my maternal grandmother’s sister. Not only was she her sister, she just happened to be my mother’s favorite aunt. She & my mother had a special relationship. My aunt & my grandmother worked side by side to raise their children together. They had a special bond.

On my aunt’s last day of her life, my grandmother & their best friend, who I call auntie Etta, spent the whole day having a girl’s day at the casino. I often wonder about that day if she had any luck. 

Now I know she had an eternal blessing, she left the mean, evil world. She left all the strife & heavy labor that this world gives us. She left it all behind to be at peace.

I remember when I got the call that she had transitioned, I was shocked. Pure shock because she seemed fine. It seemed like the only problem she had was that old walking cane she used. When I sat & thought about it for a split second, I sobbed. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. In fact, I didn’t sleep much that week. 

We recently just had her burial exactly a week ago today. We made the five & a half hour drive up to Mississippi to give my hotgirl one last goodbye. 

I remember crying at her funeral. It really hit me, she was really gone. She wouldn’t move. I stood there & stared at her hoping she would wake up. She looked so peaceful. I knew that I wasn’t to disturb her rest.

This death, I looked at with peace. I got all my grief out that day. I thought about what she would want me to do. Keep on smiling. Keep on doing what’s best for you. Keep depending & leaning on God & keep the faith. Always live like you don’t have a tomorrow. Treat people with care. Remember the things I was taught. Always, always, be strong. So as I write this, I didn’t cry & I drew my strength from her to do it. She would be glad to know I wrote about her. People will know her name. Long live the spirit of Erma Lee.

*Alexa, play Wish U Were Here x Jamie Foxx*

As always,

Peace, Love, & Strength,