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The ultimate Duality we 'experience' is the 'Life' and 'Death' duality.  Expressed as a principle, these become the 'Life Force Principle' (LFP) and the 'Death Force Principle' (DFP).

The 'Life Force Principle' or 'Life Force' energy is fundamental to 'health' and 'longevity.'  This 'Life Force Principle' / energy has a number or different names in various esoteric/spiritual traditions - such as 'prana' (India,) 'qi / chi' (China) and 'mana' (Indigenous traditions.)

In the body there are various 'fluids' - these fluids enable the transference of the ‘Life Force Principle’ i.e. 'blood,' 'sperm fluid,' 'vaginal fluid' etc...  Thus, the 'Life Force Principle' can be seen expressed through these bodily fluids.  These are organic/biological fluids - natural and form part of the natural state of human physical 'Life' / 'Being' / 'Existence.'

There is a 'synthetic' aspect to these types of fluid which although on the face may have the appearance of a natural fluid are in fact - 'hostile' to the natural human bodily environment. 

One prevalent / common example of such a synthetic fluid is 'Mucus' - 'Phlegm.'  It should be regarded as synthetic, unnatural and at all costs removed from the healthy body. 

‘Mucus’ / ‘Phlegm’ represents 'congestion' of the ‘Life Force’ and therefore can be regarded as a physical / bodily expression of the 'Death Force Principle' - and should be removed from the body where ever - whenever possible.

Activities that increase its prevalence in the body should be avoided i.e. eating foods that produce the production of ‘Mucus’ / ’Phlegm.’  Environments such as cold and damp environments also increase the production of ‘Mucus’ / ‘Phlegm’ within the body.

Activities that counter the production of ‘Mucus’ / ‘Phlegm’ should be encouraged - spending time in natural environments - 'spending time with nature.'  Regular light exercise for all, can and should be encouraged.  Access to clean and wholesome air should also be encouraged. 

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