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Why do we suggest that you lay down? – Because the ‘art of relaxation’ is the foundation upon which ‘Self Healing’ is built.  Adopting the position of ‘lying down’ eliminates all posture.

The ‘Lie And Relax And Self Heal’ technique is very simple.  It is part of the 'SHALL System' and can be used by everybody.  However, because of its simplicity and need for ‘Stillness’ - it is especially useful for those who are unable to move, as a result of a disability or illness. 

Therefore, it is a ‘Self Healing’ technique, which is especially useful to the elderly, the chronically sick, those who are ‘physically challenged’ i.e. ‘wheelchair bound,’ ‘bed ridden’ etc…

As it is a ‘Self Healing’ technique – it can be used by the individual without the assistance of a third person (healer, doctor, etc…) - all that is required, is that the ‘patient’ - remain ‘still.’ 


The ‘twin pillars’ of LARASH are ‘breathing’ and ‘thought’ – or the ‘breath’ and ‘the mind’ - or ‘breathing techniques’ and ‘mind empowerment techniques.’

Finally, as it relies on what we shall term the ‘Third Force’ - within the ‘Universal Mind’ - also known as ‘God’ / ‘The Source’ / ‘Spirit’ etc… IT CAN ONLY BE OPERATED THROUGH THE ‘MIND’ – THROUGH ‘THOUGHT.’


What is this ‘Third Force?’ 

It is used simply as a ‘label’ to assist the ‘self healer’ – as a 'point of focus' – ‘point of attention’ – ‘point of meditation’ – a ‘meeting point’ – between the individual ‘self healer’ and the ‘INFINITE POWER’ of ‘Universal Mind’ / ‘God’ / ‘The Source’ / ‘Spirit’ etc… We shall not repeat this list of names given to this ‘Universal Force’ – and in keeping with the 'SHALL System' we shall refer to it as the ‘Life Force.’

So – what is this ‘Third Force’ within the ‘Life Force’ energy - what is this label?

The purpose of the 'SHALL System' - is ‘Self Empowerment’ – and we propose to do this, through ‘simplicity of speech and explanation.’  Therefore, the reader should bear with us – and appreciate that if it were possible for us to ‘dispense’ of these 'labels' – we would do so.  We therefore, ask the reader to be patient. 

In time, as the reader gains a deeper understanding, into the workings of this ‘Life Force’ energy / Principle, the use of such 'labels' will become unnecessary – and the reader will ‘intuitively know’ and ‘understand’ – how to access the various ‘ENERGIES’ – ‘ATTRIBUTES’ -  of this ‘Life Force’ energy directly. 

By this stage the reader can be said to have attained the ‘Wisdom of the Sages’ – however, until then, the reader will find these ‘labels’ and ‘explanations’ of the various ‘energies' and 'powers’ – useful.

So – what is this ‘Third Force’ energy – which when a 'connection' is made, can release ‘HEALING POWER?’ - or as we shall refer it to it, from now on - the 'HEALING WAVE.' 

Before we shall describe this 'healing wave' – let us say a few words about it.


It can be described simply – ‘it is’  - the ‘power’ that ‘heals.’  It has been variously described, in numerous ‘spiritual traditions’ both ‘ancient’ and ‘modern.’ 

Some traditions – simply refer to it as the ‘DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY.’  Many traditions speak of it as a ‘neglected aspect’ or 'forgotten' ‘attribute’ of DIVINITY.  Alas – SHE has been forgotten but more often than not – SHE HAS BEEN HIDDEN!

We are now in a ‘Modern Age’ – and we do not feel that any form of ‘emotive language’ is necessarily helpful, if someone is simply seeking to ‘heal themselves.’  Therefore, we speak in ‘simple terms’ – of it as a ‘Force’ – and we simply call it the ‘Third Force.’ 

However, an understanding of its background and history and why it has been forgotten may be useful.  This shall be discussed in later lessons. 


Throughout this particular work, we shall provide indexes – so that those who wish to pursue the subject under discussion, will be able to do so in their own time.


In the next lesson, we shall provide a simple description of this ‘Third Force’ – so that the reader will be able to grasp 'logically,' ‘vibrationally’ and ‘intuitively’ - the ‘essence' of what we speak of.

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