'Self Heal And Live Life' (SHALL) - 'Self Healing & The Three Main 'Bodies''



The human being is a ‘Trans-Dimensional’ ‘entity.’  Each of us as individuals are operating simultaneously on several dimensional planes.  This is a fascinating subject for those who wish to pursue this subject in further depth, there are links provided at the end of this work.

For purposes of ‘Self Healing,’ we need only to focus on three main 'bodies.'  These are the 'Thought body' (representing the 'mind' of the individual,) the 'Emotional body' (representing the 'power' and 'feelings' of the individual) and thirdly the 'Physical body' (representing the ‘body suit’ or 'body armour’ - the physical action of the body.) 

These are three 'different states' of what we commonly refer to as 'the body.'  They are different from one another and perform different functions within the ‘Trans-Dimensional’ body (the complete and Sovereignly Integrated human being.) 

One could use the analogy of an 'ice cube.'  An 'ice cube' can be said to be a state of 'water' - it is a 'solid' physical object.  It has a certain 'texture' and a certain 'density'/'solidity.'  We also use it in a certain way - for example, to chill a drink - but it is 'water.'  At a certain temperature it melts and becomes 'water' - in another state. 

It is now 'water' as a 'liquid.'  We can do things with 'water' in this state - that we couldn't do when 'water' was in its 'ice' state.  For example, we can drink this 'water' - we can clearly treat it in a 'different way' than the 'ice cube,' because it is in a 'different state.'

If we heat the 'water' further, at a certain point it changes to 'steam' - here the 'water' has adopted a further 'different state.'  It is now 'steam' - it is in a 'gaseous state.'  'Water' in this state, cannot be dropped into a glass to chill a drink - 'water' in this state cannot be drunk from a glass.  However, 'water' in this state can be used, to turn a 'turbine' - at a generator plant and produce electricity.

Similarly, with the 'three states' of the body, if we are aware of these 'three states' and know how to 'use' / 'manipulate' them, we can do in a most natural way - many amazing things with these 'different body states.'  This is just one of the principles underlying SHALL (Self Heal And Live Life.)

All these three 'bodies' work on different dimensional planes, but they are all ‘you’ and therefore - for you to be in 'good health' and good 'physical shape,' all three 'bodies' should be ‘aligned’ – in a state of, ‘at-one-ment.’


This seems like such a simple process – and indeed it is, if one is able to recognise the existence of this reality and then take practical steps to ensure that it occurs. 


Once these 'bodies' are aligned, 'perfect health' can be attained and maintained through the continual reception of ‘Life Force.’



Without 'Life Force,' you die – with 'Life Force,' you live – therefore, the question can be asked, ‘how much Life Force do I need to live a healthy life?’ 


The correct answer to this, will ensure 'good health.'  Perhaps, it is not even necessary to ask the question, ‘how much Life Force do I need?’ - It would be like asking the question, ‘how much air do I need, in my life to live healthily?’


You don’t trouble yourself with such questions since they are so fundamental and basic to your Existence – what you do, is ensure you get as much as you can, in as 'pure' and 'wholesome' state as you can – that is your natural instinct for survival.


The same therefore can be said, in relation to 'Life Force' energy – you don’t ask, how much do you need to lead a healthy life – but you take steps to ensure that the process of your life guarantees you sufficient ‘Life Force’ energy to maintain a healthy life. 

This process is known as ‘Mastering The Life Force Process.’   There is a simple equation which you can use - ‘take more Life Force in, than you give out.’ 

The question becomes therefore, in relation to 'good health' – 'how can I ensure that I take more 'Life Force' in, than I give out?'



The process of being alive entails that you expend a certain amount of 'Life Force' - for your 'physical body systems’  (digestive, neural, respiratory etc…) all these bodily processes, consume 'Life Force' energy, whether you are aware of it or not – these processes are necessary to sustain your physical body.  If there are shortages in 'Life Force' energy, you will become sick and suffer from ill health.


In brief, to ensure that you have sufficient 'Life Force' energy - the three 'bodies' ('thought,' 'emotional' and 'physical' bodies) should be in alignment.   This will ensure that 'Life Force' energy can flow freely through these 'body states' and therefore, 'mentally,' 'emotionally' and 'physically,' you will be able function properly in a healthy manner.




As the 'Life Force' enters your body, a certain, almost alchemic process (phase transition) takes place. 

We have previously described the 'Life Force' energy as a form of 'Universal Life Force energy' – however, as it enters the body it still remains ‘Life Force’ – but undergoes a 'change' – for convenience we can call this the ‘biological Life Force energy.’ 

It is 'Life Force' energy, but it has undergone a 'change' - ‘adapted,’ so that it can be usefully and practically used by the physical body.   

A useful analogy, is that if you regard your physical body as a pint glass, you can only fill that glass with a pint of liquid, anything else is useless or wasted.

'Life Force' energy therefore, is tailored to each individual need.  This is why as individual humans, we are all unique - and similarly, our intake and use of 'Life Force' energy is unique. 


There are however certain practices, which we can all adopt to ensure maximum access to 'Life Force' energy. 

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