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The Universe/Cosmos is 'electric' - this is perhaps, the easiest way to describe the 'fundamental Force'  - 'electro-magnetism' - which pervades throughout. 

This is a loose definition, but one which we can easily understand and get a sense of, because most of us are familiar with 'electricity' and therefore, are aware of the properties of - 'electro-magnetism.'

Since, we have said that the 'essence,' or the 'fundamental' properties of the 'Cosmos' are 'electric,' then an understanding of electricity or 'electro-magnetism' or 'light' is clearly of some importance.  It is clear from our researches, that these properties and the true knowledge surrounding them, has been largely suppressed. 


By this we mean, not that people were forbidden from using electricity - no - that's clearly not the case - but what we are saying is that the correct 'understanding' of the 'nature' and 'fundamental' properties of ‘electricity / 'electro-magnetism' - 'light' - has been suppressed and that the general public has not been permitted, to appreciate the significance of electricity / 'electro-magnetism' as being the 'fundamental' essence of the 'Cosmos.'

We believe that ancient civilizations, (whoever created or founded them,) were fully aware of the properties of 'electricity'/ 'electro-magnetism.'  This should not seem surprising, as the properties of 'electro-magnetism' are a visible and a frequently occurring, 'natural phenomena.'  It was also systematically used in the construction of these civilizations.

Evidence of this can been seen in the numerous and various ancient monuments and artefacts, which still exist today and which both scientists and archaeologists, scratch their heads in wonder.

One could go even further and state, that not only did these ancient civilisations, have knowledge of and master the intricacies of 'electricity'/ 'electro-magnetism, but they probably also mastered other 'elements,' such as 'Sound' - and created - 'sonic technologies,' - based on principles of 'resonance.'


This point is of some significance, when one considers the subject of 'health,' since, if electricity - 'electro-magnetism' - 'light' - is the 'fundamental essence' of the 'Cosmos' - then it is the 'fundamental essence' of everything! 

Therefore, an understanding of this 'fundamental essence' of the 'Cosmos,' will give you a deep insight - into the workings of everything - health included.  

The fact that the human race has been largely 'misled,' in its 'understanding,' of the 'fundamental essence' of the 'Universe' or 'Cosmos' - has therefore led, not to scientific advance, but to a 'limited scientific paradigm' - which, whilst it has helped in developing certain technologies, has actually led to a decrease in our basic understanding, of the 'fundamental nature' - of the 'Cosmos.'

One consequence of this, is that human 'scientific evolution'  - 'understanding' - 'progress' and 'development' has been severely restricted.  


In terms of the dominant western 'scientific paradigm' -  it is even arguable, that we may have actually 'regressed' - in terms of our basic and fundamental understanding of how the 'Cosmos' works.   

If we take health as an example, we can see that there is increasing dissatisfaction with the health systems, which western medicine has pioneered.  Its limits are clear - and the limits of its treatment, are becoming daily, more and more obvious.

Whilst it has developed, impressive approaches and technologies with regards to 'trauma based' medical issues - such as 'surgery,'  ('hammer, hacksaw and blade technologies') - chemical / drug based solutions - it lacks an understanding the fundamentally 'holistic nature' - of the 'Cosmos.' 


Its 'paradigm' - has no place for this 'understanding' and whilst for a time, its achievements, may have appeared impressive - it seems that its luck has run out.  People demand a system of health, which deals with the ever apparent sources of illness, as opposed to constantly chasing symptoms, often with side affects equal to if not more damaging than the original ailment.

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