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A 'belief' in a 'Source' of 'all things' - a 'Cosmic Intelligence' - we believe most certainly, assists in both understanding and utilizing a 'mind based' - 'Self Healing' system. 

Whether such a belief is necessary, is debatable, but it must be made clear -  that the system itself, is predicated on the existence of such an 'Intelligence.'

If this were not so, then one could not talk, in any meaningful way, of using 'mind,' as a 'Self Healing' 'tool' or 'mechanism.' 

If one does not accept as 'axiomatic,' the existence of such an 'Intelligence,' - then one is left at the 'mercy' of 'chaotic' and 'random' forces operating at the level of and in the realm of 'mind.'

Unlike 3 dimensional - 'physical existence' - one cannot 'physically order' or 'organize' the mind.  Therefore in the absence of an 'Intelligent,' 'Ordering Principle,' - it would not be possible to speak in any meaningful way of 'Self Healing,' through the use of 'mind' - at least, at any rate with our current understanding of such phenomena as 'mind' and 'consciousness.'

However, accepting the existence of a 'Cosmic Intelligence,' as 'axiomatic,' - does not mean that we have to be credulous in our approach to this subject matter.  We must still be both 'rational' and 'logical,' in considering all matters, beyond the initial 'axiomatic proposition' - that such an 'Intelligence' exists. 

Further, we all come to this subject, with our own individual experiences of life - which should enable us to determine, whether the acceptance of such an axiom - is credible and/or worthwhile. 


It is not the purpose of this work to attempt to convince anyone of the reality of such an 'Intelligence,' or otherwise - but simply to set out clearly - the fundamental basis of this works 'operating system.' 


If this fundamental axiom of a 'Cosmic Intelligence' is accepted - then nothing more is required of the reader.  There is no need to 'worship' it - make 'offerings,' or 'praise' it - or to engage in any other acts of obeisance. 

The acceptance of the axiom is necessary in order to understand, how 'Self Healing' through the use of 'mind' works - and not to 'curry favour,' with a ‘supposedly,’ 'all powerful,' Deity. 

Why is the acceptance of an 'Intelligence' as an 'Ordering Principle' important in relation to the subject of sickness?


It is important, because if we understand our relationship to this 'Intelligence,' however it is defined, then the secret of healing is contained in an individual’s ability to 'consciously' be in alignment (at-one-ment) with this 'Cosmic Intelligence.' 

This is the fundamental 'metaphysical principle' that underlies the concept of 'Self Healing' as being -  'as of right' - and not as an 'exceptional occurrence' - the privilege of a few - due to some favoured state or due to wealth, or any other conditional factor. 


Let us be clear that in this work 'good health' is regarded as a 'universal right,' - and not a thing bestowed by any other individual, but - because it is in accordance with the 'Cosmic Intelligence.'

Can 'religious faith' of some sort help the process? 


Yes - of course, in as much that - 'belief' and 'faith' are 'processes,' one could also say 'powerful exercises of the mind.'  Exercises of a particular sort to be sure - but nonetheless 'powerful exercises' all the same.

Can someone of an 'atheistic opinion' also successfully use this work? 


In this, I am offering only my own opinion - that I can see no reason why not - as long as there is an 'axiomatic' acceptance, that ultimately we live in an 'ordered universe.'  The specific nature of this 'Ordering Principle' does not need to be determined - since the very act of 'ordering' - is the 'hallmark' of 'Intelligence.'

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