'ISIS (I Sit In Silence) MEDITATION' Practice & The 'Heart Power Technique'

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ISIS (I Sit In Silence) Heart Power Technique



You will be practicing the exercise contained in this lesson over the next 3 DAYS.

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Today, you are going to extend your meditation practice by 5 minutes.  Your meditation practice will therefore be of 15 minutes duration.

1. As you have been doing in the past, you are required to complete 10 minutes meditation practice - using the 'ISIS MEDITATION' technique.

2.  You will then immediately follow on from that with a 5 minute 'Heart Power Technique' - using the following procedure: 

a) Simply place your attention/your thoughts on your heart (located at the centre of your chest) focussing on the colour green.

b)  Think of the phrase "I AM RADIATING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AT ALL TIMES" - anything not of that 'love vibration' will quickly depart.

Finally, do not worry if at first this practice does not come easily - after a few attempts (over days) it will come easily since 'unconditional love' is our natural state of being.


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