Five Rejuvenating Elements - Self Healing (FRESH) Technique

Five Rejuvenating Elements - Self Healing (FRESH) Technique


The Five Rejuvenating Elements (FRESH) Technique is part of the 'SHALL (Self Heal And Live Life) Self Healing Program.'  FRESH focuses on the Trans-Dimensional aspects of 'Self Healing.' 

The phrase 'holistic medicine' and 'holistic approach,' are terms which are often used when speaking of alternative and complimentary therapies - alternative medicine. 

FRESH acknowledges this approach, but takes it further - expanding upon its central idea (wholeness, oneness) - and explaining clearly the 'Trans-Dimensional' aspect of 'Self Healing Technology.'


FRESH has drawn upon the 'ancient' and 'traditional' practices in 'sacred alchemy,' using as its base - the 'five elements' well known in ancient 'mystical' and 'esoteric' healing traditions.  These five elements are Earth - Water - Fire - Air - Ether/Spirit. 

The 'Fifth Element' in the FRESH System is referred to as the 'bio - Life Force energy' or 'Bio Electro-Magnetic Field' (BEMF). 

Within the 'SHALL Program,' BEMF is regarded as the 'individual biological expression' - of the 'Life Force' energy - which exists throughout the Cosmos.  This 'Life Force' energy is well known to ancient traditions - for example - 'chi' (Chinese) - 'prana' (Indian) - 'mana' (Indigenous peoples) - 'ether' (Greek.)

The 'FRESH System' explains how these 'five elements' can be used systematically - within the 'SHALL Program' of 'Self Healing.' 


Earth is regarded as the foundation - for building good health.  Earth represents all that 'comes out' of the Earth.  In practical terms within the 'FRESH System,'  it for example, represents 'food.' 

Therefore, this element highlights the importance of food and diet within the 'SHALL Program.' 

When we consider this element we will consider food and diet and all things associated with Earth. 

So - for example, on the 'emotional plane' - Earth represents the 'grounding' of 'emotion.' Thus, emphasising, the 'emotional grounding,' which is necessary for good health. 


Water represents the 'fluidity of Existence' - the constantly changing 'flux' of Life.  In practical terms, it directs the 'self healer' to appreciate the importance of water itself, as an element on this planet, the importance of water in the human body and therefore the importance of water to 'Self Healing.'  Thus, wholesome, clean water is a vital element to the 'SHALL Program.'


Fire - the element of fire represents those 'fiery aspects' of the human bodily system.  Namely, the digestive system, the energetic importance of the solar plexus region, as a chakra. 

In practical terms, care of the body's digestive system through what we eat is emphasised. 

Another aspect of fire, is the 'fire in the heart' - the 'emotional states' - and the power contained within the individual human body to sustain itself and to enable it to complete its work. 

There is also the 'fire in the mind' - the power of 'ideas' - 'thinking' and 'thought.'  The power of 'ideas' - which can change the world - can surely remove sickness from an individuals body through a proper application of the 'SHALL Program.'


Air represents the 'breath of life' within the 'Five Elements System' - the body's respiratory system - the importance of clean wholesome air to the human body.  - The importance of proper breathing  - breathing exercises - proper exercise for the whole body.


'Ether' / 'Life Force' / 'Bio Electro-Magnetic Field' (BEMF) - on the 3rd dimensional / physical plane the BEMF is a representation in physical manifestation of the power and mysteriousness of the ‘source of all things.’ 

In religious and spiritual traditions, this is often referred to as the soul - but there is so much misunderstanding about this term, that it's usefulness as a 'Self Healing' tool is often severely limited. 

Some traditions refer to the 'auric field,' which is a powerful symbol and explanation of this 'Force.'

Within 'Five Elements' we shall give it a modern name / label - the 'Bio Electro-Magnetic Field' -  (BEMF) - which can be scientifically examined and therefore understood and used by the modern reader. 

This 'fifth element' is the 'integrating' element - it is therefore, also the 'Mind' - and all that is related to it - i.e. the brain and the body's neurological system - and is responsible for 'unifying,' all the other 'elements.'

Operating as it does at the 'quantum level' (very small) - it can be understood and explained in modern scientific language, using for example, the science of quantum mechanics.

Within 'Five Elements'  - this 'fifth element' -  is used as the 'unifying field.' 

It's power in this particular Age is 'heightened' by the fact that knowledge of the BEMF has been severely restricted and largely ignored by western science. 

As a consequence the 'SHALL Program' places great emphasis in appreciating, understanding and putting into practical use, such understanding - in the 'science of Self Healing.'


The individual who wishes to obtain the maximum benefit from the 'SHALL Program' should develop an understanding of the various elements and should be able to extrapolate for him or herself ideas and gain insight for deeper understanding and meaning.   This understanding 'accelerates' the 'Self Healing' process. 

With the 'SHALL Program' - the individual is their own 'healer' - the more the individual understands the various elements of the 'SHALL Program' - the more powerful they become in healing themselves.

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