Today, I Took A Bath

This morning I went for a almost two mile run. First run in months. I started doing a summer purge the night before & had planned on continuing today.

The Universe just took over.

I took a cleansing bath today. My roommate had offered to run a cleaning bath for me after running. I agreed.

She infused the bath with Lavender oil, Thyme, Citrine, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Lavender Epsom Salt, & Full Moon Water from the recent Full Moon.

Lavender for calm. Thyme for healing. Citrine for focus. Quartz for clearing the mind & the body of negativity. To help the body be more spiritually receptive. Rose Quartz for healing, to open up the heart chakra to unconditional love & positive energy. Full Moon Water for cleansing & opens our intuitive nature.

That was the most spiritual bath I’ve ever had. I felt renewed & full.

I had to take a nap Laughs

As Always,

Peace, Love, & Cleansing,