Weekly Reading — TWIN FLAME NEW MOON READING, 4 June 2019.



DF = Divine Feminine 

DM = Divine Masucline  



Too amusing... two days ago, I tried to do a New Moon reading but devised to go with another deck instead.  Two cards from that reading, Beginnings and Trust, reappeared! 😆  They really want to be heard! "Hey DFs!  It's a new beginning with the New Moon!  So just trust the Divine and go with the flow!" Shortest reading ever! 🤣🤣🤣 Just kidding!

We did discuss about the New Moon in Gemini in the pre-New Moon reading.  I hope that you have harnessed the New Moon energy to set new Intentions, and re-evaluate your existing Intentions to see what you should keep and what should be eradicated moving forward.

It is indeed a new beginning!  A lot of DFs have felt a sudden shift within themselves,  and have embraced a strange sort of letting go.

Don't worry at all if you have felt that you no longer care much about whether 3D Union happens or not because that means that you have reached the final stage(s) of your release and let go cycle!  You have stopped scheming, planning, fixating, wondering,  etc etc and have instead learnt that you love yourself,  you want to live grounded in the here and now, and you embrace happiness and joy as you go with the flow!  You have ascended into the Higher realm and come to the full realisation that The Universe has your back!  True TFs may be apart in the 3D... but most importantly,  the 5D Union has grown even stronger for the DFs who are now able to see the bigger picture!

This Change... this seemingly "I don't care anymore!  Whatever will be, will be!" attitude, is exactly what's needed to allow a smooth flow of Energy for all our Chakras and keep us in a good balance within.

By staying grounded in reality, we allow our Earth Star Chakra to tap into Mama Earth's energy at the epicenter of Planet Earth to flow up to our Base/Root Chakra, activating all our Chakras along the way, and then connecting with the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, which connects with The Divine/The Universe/Source Energy and allows spiritual insights and guidance to flow directly to us.

We are allowing and experiencing a merger between the two Energy sources and assimilating them beautifully within...

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