Riding the Waves of Change with Miss Lauren Bachtel

Lauren Bachtel is a rising actress in the New Orleans area. Last year, she starred in a debut film for City Church called A Lot Like Christmas. That put her on the fast track to another City Church production. Lauren’s spiritual journey hasn’t been easy but she’s managed to stay grounded & stay true to where she’s being lead. Here’s a behind the scenes interviews with the star.


Dom: Hi Lauren! Tell me a little about your life so the readers can get a grasp of the spiritual changes you’ve made.


Lauren: It’s a pleasure to provide my answers for this article! Thank you for allowing me to experience this opportunity. Well, I have been on this spiritual journey since 2014 and I haven’t looked back ever since! I have a full time job, I volunteer weekly at my church and I have been interested in continuing to learn about Christian filmmaking. My journey hasn’t been easy but every experience is a learning opportunity and a chance to grow.


Dom: What made you decide that you needed a change in your life?

Lauren: I was 28 and my life was just there. I was drinking all the time, my personal relationships weren’t doing well and everything was affecting my job. My attitude wasn’t the best and I was always depressed. I was always unhappy. There were events in my past that changed my entire personality and perspective on my life. A coworker saw this as she got to know me and invited me to her church. She invited me so many times it was becoming annoying so I finally agreed to go just so she would stop asking me! At the time I didn’t have a church so what was the worst that could happen right? Immediately when I walked in I knew God was calling me to a better life than what I’d created with my bad choices. I sobbed thinking I’m not worth anything. I’ve done so much wrong. Why did you choose me God? From that September 2014 I made the choice to follow God’s plan on my life. 


Dom: When did you realize that God was using you for a greater purpose?

Lauren: Everyone has a purpose for their life and each person’s purpose is different. After attending church for a year I knew that God wanted me to do more. I was still very withdrawn because I didn’t feel worthy but something kept telling me to continue to listen to His word. I started to wonder what would my life be if I made this change. My old self was awakened! I wanted to create things. I wanted to be apart of something. I wanted to find my purpose. 


Dom: How has this spiritual awakening changed your life? 

Lauren: I have had so many opportunities and blessings come my way it’s unreal! I have joy in my heart, peace and so much more wisdom. My journey isn’t over and I know it’s not going to get easier but I love myself so much more. I love God so much more! I want to share my testimony to everyone that needs to hear never give up even though it may seem hard. Love each day that God gives to you because tomorrow isn’t promised. 


Dom: Do you think God has given you a vision for your life?

Lauren: God has given me a vision to help women who were in my situation. There is no better love than the love of God. He knows everything about us. He knows our thoughts, our fears and our hearts. I am not going to give up on my vision because I feel filmmakingis my outreach to others. Nothing can stand in between my spiritual growth and vision on my life no matter what that may be. 


Dom: Lastly, Is there anything else you want to let people know about how your life has changed?

Lauren: My life is continuously evolving into something better all thanks to that choice I made in 2014. Years ago I hated myself. I thought I was ugly and worthless. People that I loved hurt me. Family has hurt me. I now have spiritual freedom! I thank God for coming into my heart and helping me change every day and allowing me to experience filmmaking to reach others. I thank my pastors and Bishop for guiding me when times were difficult and I wanted to give up. It’s my choice to follow God’s will no matter the consequences but I know in the end it will work for my good. 

Dom: Thank you Lauren for sitting down with me to tell your story!