A Journey to Peace and Abundance

So as some of you may or may not know. I’m a busy woman. With teaching students, being back in school full-time, rebuilding my make-up business, & of course finding time to work on my writing, I often have to carve out time for myself. As the saying goes, “There’s always room for improvement.”

This journey that I’ve been on to love me in my entirety has not been easy by a long shot. For the first time in my adult life, I can say I’m truly at peace in all areas of my life. No turmoil to be honest, with the exception of finding time to sleep (laughs hysterically).

I recently took some time to re-evaluate some of my goals I had made for myself. Most of them were improvements I knew I needed to make. I looked to see if those things had manifested up to this particular point. For the most part, they did. In turn those things made me better. A more well rounded version of me.

For once, there’s no anxiety, no panic attacks, no worries, just peace. It comes from digging deep within myself to make slow & steady changes in my life. Not only my physical life, but my mental & my spiritual life as well. Once I began to pray daily & be thankful for the little things I did have, everything else I wanted started to fall into place.

I recently began a new relationship that took me by surprise. It literally came from nowhere. He’s literally dreamy. All I did was get my life together.

See what minding your business, taking care of your health, & drinking alkaline water would do for you!

As Always,

Continuous peace, Wholeness, & Love

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