Propelify has been acquired

 the NJ Tech Council (NJTC) has acquired Propelify and Aaron have been appointed as the NJTC’s CEO.

While you may not know the NJTC, it’s one of the largest tech organizations in the nation, representing 500,000 innovators including some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

The NJTC is the OG in this space. Back in 1996 a wise group of leaders formed an association to help drive the impressive tech ecosystem that exists in NJ. For many years it’s been a huge influence in the state, highlighting so many of the great companies and talent that are often overlooked here, an easy thing to happen when you live in the shadow of NYC.

Now, by uniting with the robust entrepreneurial community of Propelify, the NJTC is positioned for a new chapter to empower innovators and entrepreneurs. I’m thrilled to be leading the organization and for what it means for all of us. The NJTC brings with it a respected foundation of major players in tech who want to better get to know, acquire, invest in, hire, and collaborate with you - the Propelify community.

The Propelify Innovation Festival will absolutely continue, now powered by the NJTC.

And here‘s how to get a scholarship ticket to this year's Festival -

For this year’s Festival on 10/3 we have an incredible program planned with amazing sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers like Bobbi Brown, Bonin Bough, David Melzer, James Altucher, Nir Eyal, and founders from Boxed, Hubble Contacts, Ro, Super Coffee, Aurify Brands, Lola, Morning Brew, Candid, and so many more. See the full program here.


Propelify is thrilled to welcome you all back to Pier A in Hoboken on 10/3 to unite and propel one of the best tech communities on the globe. Grab your ticket and mark your calendar.


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