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Dave Chappelle Hit With a Banana Peel During Stand-Up Show in New Mexico, Calls It a ''Racially Motivated'' Incident

Jeremy Saffer/Getty Images

Jeremy Saffer/Getty Images

The hecklers are really running amok these days!

Dave Chappelle was hit in the leg with a banana peel while doing stand-up last night in New Mexico and a member of the audience was subsequently arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and battery.

Santa Fe Police told local NBC affiliate KOB4 that Christian Englander, 30, took issue when Chappelle poked fun at the man he was sitting with. Per police, the other man was drawing in a sketchbook during the show at the Lensic Performing Arts Center and when Chappelle asked his name, Englander said his friend's name was "Johnny Appleseed.'"

Chappelle then proceeded to make fun of that and that's when Englander decided to throw the peel, according to Santa Fe Police Lt. Andrea Dobyns.

Santa Fe County

Santa Fe County

Dobyns told KOB4 that Englander tried to hightail it out of the theater but he was stopped by police and placed under arrest. He was "visibly intoxicated," she added, and later when being interviewed by police he said, "'Maybe I should have handed [Chappelle] the banana instead."

Police say that Chappelle is pressing charges because he found Englander's action to be "racially motivated." And apparently the mayor agreed!


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