“The Voice” contestant Christina Grimmie Fatally Shot Following Orlando Performance

By: Anny Jules 

On Friday, June 10, 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie was shot and later died from her gun shots wounds following her concert in Orlando, Florida.


Grimmie was scheduled to perform at a venue in Orlando, Florida on Friday. Though the performance went off without a hitch, the after-show meet-and-greet with her fans took a turn for the worse. 


Sources claim that while Grimmie was signing autographs backstage, an armed gunman opened fire and shot Grimmie. Grimmie’s brother Marcus quickly forced himself between Christina and the gunman and tackled the shooter. 


Christina was immediately rushed to the hospital but she did not make it. 



Following her sudden and tragic death, fans and various celebrities took to social media to express their sorrow and grief.


Among them was Christina’s mentor Adam Levine who signed her to his 222 record label following her impressive stint on “The Voice.” 


Adam revealed to Grimmie’s family that he would pay for the singer’s funeral expenses. 


Prior to her time spent on “The Voice,” Grimmie already made a name for herself as a YouTube star that garnered 3 million followers and counting. 


Police are still investigating the senseless act and so far have not found a motive for the gunman’s horrific crime. 



Christina Grimmie, may you rest in peace. 


Story From: E! News, CNN, E! News