Trai Byers Slams Rumors He’s Leaving ‘Empire’

After recent reports alleged that “Empire” actor Trai Byers made the decision to leave the show, he surfaced on Instagram to shut down the rumors. 



Previous reports claimed Trai felt he was “too good” to appear on “Empire” and preferred acting in more classical, leading, Shakespearian roles. The same reports also alleged that Trai fired his entire management team after he was not chosen to star in the upcoming Muhammad Ali movie. 



But despite those reports, Trai has come forward via Instagram to praise the show and his “fabulous relationship” withthe show’s FOX network. 



Check out Trai’s full Instagram post below. 

What are your thoughts on Trai’s response to the rumors? Do you still think there is some truth to the gossip?  Sound off below! 

Story From: Vulture, Page Six