Living in The Moment

It's easy to go through life with blinders on, allowing people and moments to pass us by because we become so involved in our goal, our purpose. I want to suggest, that although focus, determination and vision are key, that we need to take ownership of the now.

Picture the last time you were out at a restaurant or cafe, picture the room, the ambience, the people. How many were in tune with a conversation in front of them? How many had cell phones resting in front of them (or on them for that matter)?

Go back to your last visit to a park, a beach. How many were watching their children play or watching the water crash into the sand? How many were taking in the sun or beautiful scenery? 

Were you one of them?

Why is it that it often takes some ordeal or crisis to visit these moments and be present • Let's change that, and change starts from within. Be in a conscious mind to appreciate something new today, be it the birds chirping out my window as a write this, or the hot sun beating down.

Appreciate someone in your life - tell them. Consider ending the evening with a list of things you were thankful for today. We all experience ups and downs - there are no exceptions to this, and these small moments of appreciation, being in the moment, experiencing the beauty of now, makes the lows less frequent, manageable, growth periods even.

My intention for you today is schedule time to be present. Time to unplug on distractions and zone in on what in front of you, right here and right now.


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