Part 1: Love is Patient

Love, it must be patient, it must be willing to endure the shortcomings of another, and it must be willing to remain love despite the failings of another. I have known many who spoke about loving and being in love and yet the words out of their mouths communicated otherwise. The truth is that if you love someone this means certain things. It means that the way in which you say you feel will be reflected in how you treat them. 

For example, you say that you love your partner, however, everything that they do which displeases you causes you to feel a high level of frustration. The question then is what do you do with that frustration? When we love another we make a decision at the point of feeling that which we feel. We decide to put aside how we feel and endure the shortcomings of the one that we love. We choose to not give them our negative, we choose to put it aside, to bear it all calmly.

Part 2 - Coming soon!

By JeanPaul Maximillian - to read more visit him at

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