Part 2: Love is Patient

'the thing is we all have shortcomings'

'the thing is we all have shortcomings'

...cont'd from last week - Now the thing is that we all have shortcomings and the one whose shortcomings we endure is definitely enduring our own shortcomings. The problem is that we forget that and we ignore the fact that it is impossible to truly love another person if we cannot be patient with who they are. Remember, their personality is never going to be one that presents perfect and the first way that we can show them love is to be patient. Why? Because we require the same, and they deserve it.

In the moment that you show patience to another you are showing love, for you are saying that their feelings are more important than your annoyance. You endure because you love them and you do it calmly, so much so that they will never even know that it was an issue for you. That's what love does, that's what love looks like, love is decidedly patient. Be love, be patient. Love

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